Networking Consultants - Network Administration, Network Management, Disaster Recovery, Equipment Installation, Cabling

Network Services

Network Design & Configuration

Want to share data and resources in your office? Not sure what network equipment and software you'll need? Let us design your network to provide you maximum efficiency and redundancy at a reasonable cost.

Throughput Analysis & Capacity Planning

Business has been good. Your company is hiring daily and you have twice as many users on the LAN this year as you did last year. Users are starting to complain that access to network resources is getting slower and slower. Thinking about upgrading your network? Do you really need to? If you do upgrade, what equipment will you need to meet demand over the next three years? We can help you determine how much bandwidth you really have and how much you are going to need in the future to keep up with demand. Let us help you keep management and your users happy!

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters come in many sizes. What will happen if your file or email server crashes? What if there is a fire and all your equipment is destroyed? Are you prepared? Can you recover quickly? Are you backing up regularly? Do you have current data stored offsite? How long will it take your company to recover when a disaster strikes? Every IT department has to know the answers to these questions and more. We can provide the answers for you.

Equipment Installation & Cabling

Equipment management, cable management, cable installation, and UPS solutions available.

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